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Stand out with your skills and certifcation

Highly dynamic online programs designed for those who wish to specialize or acquire new skills within the shortest period of time

It is possible to undertake the courses both online or in Barcelona. The academic calendars of the online and on campus certification course are different.

We have more than 65 certification courses

That last from 4 to 9 weeks depending on the program

Modules by program

Each program has its own modules with its corresponding price.

If you know wich module you want to apply or have any doubt, don’t hesitate

Business administration is a wide field that incorporates the general management of organizations. From major corporations to small independent businesses, these are the subjects that can become the weak point or the key to success

  • Strategy and Globalization
  • Leadership and Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management and Trade
  • International Marketing
  • Financial and Economic Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Change? Growth? Technology? Innovation! Courses, that will help anyone to leave their signature business actions at any company.

  • The capacity to Innovate
  • The key factor of innovation: People
  • Identification of Innovation Challenges (Innovation Strategy)
  • How to manage and systematize the Innovation Process
  • Collaborate to Innovate. How to build Innovation Ecosystems
  • Starting a new business: Entrepreneurship

These courses are for those professionals who wish to learn how to turn ideas into tangible results and to become effective translators of objectives.

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Project Planning
  • Project Execution
  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Project Management Tools and Techniques

The names of the courses say it all! These certificates are designed for all professionals who need the most relevant and up to date skills in the field of Supply Chain Management.

  • A Strategic and Global Vision of the Supply Chain Management
  • SCM Innovation and Optimization
  • Demand, Strategy, Purchasing, Sourcing and Procurement in SCM
  • Distribution, Storage, Handling, Transportation and Reverse Logistics, Strategic Management of Stocks in SCM
  • Productivity and Operations, Quality, Work Safety and Risk Prevention and environment in SCM

Dynamic courses, that cover human resources and talent management from 360º, helping the students to specialize within specific areas of this highly demanded specialization.

  • HR Foundations, Business & HR Strategy
  • Organizational Culture, Leadership and Team Building
  • Competences & Talent Management
  • Employee Relations and Conflict Management
  • Learning, Development & Executive Coaching
  • Global Personnel Recruitment & Selection
  • Change & Ethics Management
  • HR Analytics, Technology & Innovation

Going beyond the concepts of tourism and hospitality, these courses are 100% focused on turning the students into executives in that field.

  • Destination and Events Planning
  • Hospitality Management: Hotel, food, Beverage and Restauration
  • E-tourism: Strategies, promotion and techniques

These practical courses investigate the latest developments and technologies in the field of supply chain management, with the aim of empowering professionals of the sector and their careers.

  • New Technologies and Optimization of SCM
  • Purchasing and Procurement Strategy in the SCM
  • Quality, Productivity and Operations

Focused on the innovation in the field of logistics and operations management, these courses provide a high level training for decision making in the field, by providing the most important skills and knowledge.

  • Trends in company Operations Management
  • Key capabilities in Operations Management
  • Operations in the Purchases and Provisioning
  • The operations in the Production Processes
  • The Distribution Operations
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • International Logistics

Gain a broad understanding of international business with a strong emphasis on managing innovation within just a few weeks!

  • Innovation Fundamentals
  • Preparing People & Organization to Innovate
  • Defining the Corporate Innovation Strategy
  • Implementing the Innovation Project
  • New Technologies & Access to New Markets


  • Reach the knowledge you need
  • Live an executive experience
  • Take a professional leap
  • Reinforce your personal brand
  • Connect with interesting people

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Stand out with your skills and certifcation

Change has never been as actual as it is nowadays, which is why companies adopt innovation in their daily operational processes as a strategy to stay relevant and competitive. Globalization, fast technological advancements, and competition for talent acquisition are only some of the high-level impacts on companies, which are tackled by human talent itself.

BEBS Barcelona Executive Business School has built a reputable catalog of executive certificate courses, that are the extra mile in professional training for any curriculum. Whether you wish to upgrade your skills for your current job or intending to climb a new professional ladder, topping up your portfolio with any of these certificates will help you stand out as a unique specialist.

Going beyond academic excellence, these programs are taught by some of the best international business executives, who have the know-how of business making in their fields of expertise. All the programs are carried out online through the BEBS Virtual Campus, allowing the students to achieve valuable skills and certification at their own convenient location and time.

It is possible to combine the courses according to each applicants needs and the availability of the programs, creating your own tailor made certification course.

Executive Certificate Courses are available also on campus in Barcelona, with a different academic calendar and offered on demand, with a personalized curriculum.